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The Pigs will continue to produce albums, but only in digital form. As much as we would love to keep putting out Edison cylinders and eight-track tapes, the demand just doesn't justify the expense. Our albums are available through iTunes, Amazon and other online purveyors of digitalia.  There are still a few of these CDs in our online and performance inventories, but once they are gone there won't be any more. We expect speculators to gobble up the remaining few quickly, where they will appreciate in value and make their proud owners richer than they ever got off Beanie Babies.

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Cover - Goin' to Cincinnati

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The Pigs have played at every National Jug Band Jubilee, held in Louisville, KY every year on the third Saturday in September. Highlights of the concerts from 2006 - 2009 were captured on four delightful recordings, three of which are still available online. Recordings of other concerts can be seen on YouTube.

See/Hear The Pigs on Michael Johnathon's "Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour," WCET's ArtsBridge show, and hanging with Jerry Springer in Ludlow, KY.

Show #426 in the Woodsongs Archive
WCET - ArtsBridge Documentary
Podcast w/ Jerry Springer from the Ludlow (KY) Folk School Coffee Parlor

The reviews are in! Read Antonio Mazzaro's review of "It's About Time"! and a review from CityBeat


2004 Cincinnati Dancing Pigs