An old "About These Guys...."


"Do not try to teach a pig to sing. It will only waste your time and annoy the pig." (Thus spake the sages)

The Cincinnati Dancing Pigs are not performing porkers; they are not domestic animals; they are hardly even housebroken. In fact "The Cincinnati Dancing Pigs" is the name of a Jugband from Cincinnati (once the Pork producing capitol of the world, and home of the Wiener the World Awaited).

The most obvious reason this band has continued to exist since 1967 is because its members have not yet reached maturity. If they were doing this for the really important and mature reasons of fame and fortune, they would have come to their senses and gotten on with their lives. Instead, they still appear to be having fun, an obvious failure of society and modern pharmacology.

There are usually five people in the band, depending on whether or not a bass player can be rooted out and goaded into activity. The instruments played by the "normal" members of the group are guitar, ukulele, ukulele banjo, harmonica, mandolin, washboard (with full option package), jug, saw, police whistle, slide whistle, boat whistle train whistle, bird whistle, bosuns whistle, duck call, kazoo, uvula, and etcetera. They also sing, either alone or together in harmonies varying from the sublime to the ridiculous.

They're irreverent. They're irrelevant. They're absurd. If you have not yet outgrown your sense of humor, and if you have at least a vestigial sense of rhythm, you will probably enjoy the Cincinnati Dancing Pigs.

If you come to see the Cincinnati Dancing Pigs perform you might hear old standards such as "It's a sin to tell a lie", usually dedicated to those seeking or occupying political office, or songs rescued from the brink of obscurity such as the Hoosier Hotshot's "I like bananas because they have no bones". Perhaps a rousing sing-a-long like a slightly out of sinc version of "Take me out to the ballgame", or a Pigs' original such as "Ms. Piggy for President". Whatever the song is you can rest assured that all seriousness aside, the Pigs will let frivolity rule.

The Cincinnati Dancing Pigs are:

Eric Buhrer on vocals, jug, assorted whistles, kazoo, bird calls, and both sound and unsound effects.

Keith Baker on vocals, washboard and attachments, kazoo, mandolin, guitar and bass.

Edw. Horning on vocals, ukulele, banjo ukulele and harmonica

Jan Wimberly on vocals, guitar and saw

And as our bass player de jour; either Russ Childers or Peg Delaney, who both help out on vocals and guitar.

Dance and Dine With Ye Syncopated Swine




©2004 Cincinnati Dancing Pigs