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                         John Denver

The Roger Ooms Video

Northwestern Banks Commercial (Turn volume up)

eBay again.  I figure a 1 minute commercial should be easy to transfer to digital and share it.  Well this film had an optical audio track that the local folks here in Minneapolis couldn't transfer.  After going around and around (pun intended) trying to find someone able to transfer it, I found an outfit in Missouri that was able to do it and here is the result.  A little history from the early 1970s.  Enjoy!

The Roger Ooms Tape

Troubadour - West Hollywood, CA - September 1, 1971

Thanks to Roger Ooms for discovering and sharing this wonderful new find and to Cindy McArthur for her always appreciated assistance with the tape

How the discovery of this recording came about, by Roger Ooms


Starwood In Aspen
Good Evening
Carolina In My Mind
Readjustment Blues
Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream
Band Introduction
Saturday Night In Toledo, Ohio
Comments on SNITO
Leaving On A Jet Plane
I Lost My Heart On A 747
Comments on 747
60 Second Song For A Bank
Intro to Poems, Prayers & Promises
Poems, Prayers & Promises
Country & Western Songs
Okie From Muskogee
Intro to Country Roads
Take Me Home, Country Roads

Bandersnatch Coffeehouse
Denison University - March 15, 1969

"The Birth of The Bandersnatch", courtesy of Jeffrey Pettegrew

~Denison Setlist~

 Bandersnatch Intro
 "Paul Prestopino, where are you?"
Last Thing On My Mind
Frankie and Johnny
Mr. Bojangles
 "The 12 String Guitar..."
That's The Way It's Gonna Be
The Weight
Reason To Believe
All The While
For Lovin Me
 "Frustrated with tuning..."
Cindy's Crying
San Francisco Bay Blues
Wherefore And The Why
Abraham, Martin And John
You Done Stompt On My Heart - Extended
 "Country and Western Songs..."
Everybody's Talkin
 Intro to The Game Is Over
The Game Is Over
Both Sides Now
 "Saturday Night in Granville, Ohio"
 "Closing Thoughts About Denison"

Queen City Balladeers Wise Owl Coffeehouse
University of Cincinnati campus - May 10, 1969

~Wise Owl Setlist~

It's A Sin To Tell A Lie
JD's Wise Owl Intro
You Done Stompt On My Heart
 Intro to Butterfly
Catch Another Butterfly

"Catch Another Butterfly", by the author Mike Williams

This is a recording of Mike Williams doing his song with Steve Fromholz ("Yellow Cat" author) in the group "Frummox" in 1968, courtesy of Mike Williams. Note the extra verse in Mike's wonderful song. See the Song Notes for the extra verse, and for Mike's reflections on writing it.

 Intro to Rhymes And Reasons
Rhymes And Reasons
What's That I Hear Now
You Certainly Have Got a Pretty Fantastic Bod
 Intro To Civil War Trilogy
Civil War Trilogy
Business Goes On As Usual
 Intro To What A Friend ...
What A Friend We Have In Congress
Games People Play
You Know I Love You
Intro To Port of Amsterdam
Port of Amsterdam
Today Is The First Day Of The Rest Of My Life (and closing)

Nowhere Coffeehouse
University of Cincinnati Student Union - May 9, 1969

~Nowhere Setlist~

JD's intro at the Nowhere Coffeehouse
I Like To Deal With The Ladies
Intro To 'Two Little Boys'
Two Little Boys
Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream
Comment on 'Last Night I Had..' and 'Rhymes and Reasons'
Farewell Party
Workshop and Wise Owl
More on Country and Western songs
Teaching the audience 'The Bod Song'
Yellow Cat
Introduction to 'Circus'
Intro to 'Daydream', written two weeks before
"Philadelphia" (followup to 'Toledo')
California Dreaming
For Bobbi
"Tom Paxton" and closing comments
Intro to 'Today Is The First Day...'

Philadelphia Folk Festival - 1968
(thanks to whoever saved this)

Good Ol' Friends Of Mine
I Like To Deal With The Ladies
Catch Another Butterfly
Sticky Summer Weather
Farewell Party
What's That I Hear Now

Skip Weshner Radio Show - 1970/71
(thanks to Frank Blau for saving this material)

Catch Another Butterfly
The Last Thing On My Mind
Me And My Uncle
Starwood In Aspen
Poems, Prayers And Promises
Follow Me
Gospel Changes
My Old Man
Trolley Car Ride
America The Beautiful

Various songs:

Mitchell Trio after-concert party in Cincinnati- April 15, 1967

JD, Paul Prestopino - "Dallas Rag" (partial)
Bob Hefferan, Paul Prestopino - "Miss Annabelle Lee"
Bob Hefferan, Paul Prestopino - "Caravan"
Bob Hefferan, Paul Prestopino - "Sweet Sue" - same guitar at end
Bob Hefferan, Paul Prestopino - "Bugle Call Rag"

Stompt on My Heart (Mitchell Trio early version)

Denver, Boise & Johnson after-concert party in Oxford, Ohio October 12, 1968

Stompt on My Heart (DB&J early version)/Amelia Earhart
Love Is The Answer (Unknown JD song, enhanced by Roger Ooms)

What I remember of this unrecorded JD song

With The Wind On My Mind

Denver, Boise & Johnson 1968

   With Paul Prestopino and Bob Hefferan
            (Courtesy of Bob Hefferan)

U of Minnesota & Graceland Univ - Set 1
November 18/22, 1968

That's The Way It's Gonna Be
Draft Dodger Rag
We Didn't Know
 Intro of DB&J
Take Me To Tomorrow
 Intro of Both Sides Now
Both Sides Now
 Intro to Toledo
Saturday Night In Toledo Ohio
 Comments on Toledo
Coal Tattoo
Mr Bojangles
 Intro to Bells of Rhymney
Bells Of Rhymney
 Bandersnatch Intro To Old Folks
 Wise Owl Intro To Old Folks
Old Folks
 Intro to "Hort"
You Done Stompt On My Heart
 Intro to Jet Plane
Leavin'On A Jet Plane
Love Of The Common People
U of Minnesota & Graceland Univ - Set 2

Good To Be With You
John Birch Society
 Intro to Victoria Dines Alone
Victoria Dines Alone
 Intro to The Bod Song
You Certainly Have Got a Pretty Fantastic Bod
 Intro to Paul Prestopino
Flint Hill Special
Eighth of January-Hop High Ladies Medley
Yellow Cat
The '68 Nixon (This Year's Model)
 Afterward to 68 Nixon
Turning Point-Blowin' In The Wind Medley
I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free

Bistro Inn - Columbus, Ohio

Introduction by The Bistro
JD's introduction after (3) songs
"We are The Mitchell Trio"
Another Movie Star
David Boise Introduction
Red Velvet
Introduction to "I Like To Deal....."
I Like To Deal With The Ladies
Everybody's Talking
If You Had Me In Shackles (partial)
Introduction to "For Bobbi"
For Bobbi
Friendly, Liberal Neighborhood Ku Klux Klan
Get Together
Michael Johnson Introduction
Leyenda (classical guitar solo) - Michael Johnson
The Vietnam War/Intro to "Business As Usual"
Business Goes On As Usual
Catch Another Butterfly
Paul Prestopino
Foggy Mountain Breakdown - Paul Prestopino
Cripple Creek - Paul Prestopino
Sticky Summer Weather
Bistro Closing

Philadelphia Folk Festival

If You Had Me In Shackles
Yellow Cat
Talking Vietnam Potluck Blues
Business Goes on as Usual
Everybody's Talkin'
'68 Nixon
Leaving on a Jet Plane
Love of the Common People